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Partnering with players and parents to help them navigate the hockey world with confidence.
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Monthly Zoom Calls
Identifying your game
Preparation for making the most of games, practices, and training
Mental training
Performance breakdowns 
Next level training tips for on and off the ice 
How to improve in specific areas of your game
Short and long term goal setting with implemented process to ensure execution  
Unlimited communication
Advice and guidance in all areas – hockey or life


Navigating your best path for youth hockey, juniors, and college
Navigating the tiers and teams of youth programs and juniors  
Finding the right fit for college academically and athletically
Countless connections and information on leagues, organizations, and teams
Answering all your hockey questions to make every decision confidently 
*Athletes must be 13 years or older

Meet Quin

Quin grew up in New Jersey with four brothers where he fell in love with the sport of hockey at a young age and has been pursuing the sport as a career ever since. He is a professional with a deep-rooted passion for guiding and mentoring aspiring players in achieving their dreams. With a notable background in both college and professional hockey, most recently with the Worcester Railers in the ECHL, Quin brings a wealth of firsthand experience to his role as a mentor and advisor.

Quin understands the importance of making well-informed decisions in the dynamic world of hockey. His passion for the game extends far beyond playing, he runs camps, lessons, and clinics to develop athletes with next level ambition. His personal journey, coupled with his desire to provide the support he wished he and his parents had, led him to establish himself as a trusted resource in the hockey community.

Quin's innate love for engaging with motivated athletes in meaningful conversations and connecting with individuals on a personal level complements his commitment to mentorship. He takes pride in helping players not only on the ice but off, offering invaluable advice and direction as they embark on their unique paths to success.

With his vast experience, strong educational background, and genuine passion for empowering young athletes, Quin Ryan is dedicated to ensuring players make informed decisions and optimize their potential both in hockey and beyond.

About The Inside Edge

This company has been created to help players and parents navigate the complicated hockey world. There are countless different leagues and teams across the United States and Canada making it a challenge to find the right fit. The Inside Edge has been developed by individuals who found the need to help partner with players and parents to understand the best path for their personal goals. 

At The Inside Edge, our purpose is to help hockey players and their families navigate the often complicated world of climbing the hockey ladder. We understand the challenges and stresses that come with making decisions about where to play, and we are here to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Our founder grew up in a family that had little knowledge of the hockey world, and he knows firsthand how difficult it can be to make the right choices and how easy it is to make the wrong ones. That's why he founded The Inside Edge  – to provide the guidance, information, and support that young players and their families need to confidently make decisions about their hockey future.

At The Inside Edge, we offer a wide range of services to help players and their families make informed decisions. From advising on the best leagues and organizations tailored to your goals to providing mentorship and coaching to help players develop their skills and mindset, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals both on and off the ice.

Our team of experienced hockey professionals has extensive knowledge of the hockey landscape and can help you navigate the many options available. Whether you're a young player just starting out, or a top end talent looking to move to the collegiate level and beyond, The Inside Edge is here to help you succeed.

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